The Best Pubs In London - They're Great with the ladies

One of the best pubs in the capital goes by the name of The Mayflower, this establishment is the oldest pub on the River Thames. If your looking for somewhere to enjoy a quiet drink with some incredible views this is the place for you with an incredible view of the River Thames. This spot is the perfect place to enjoy a pint after a hard day at work, the staff give this place a really warm and welcoming feel. The pub holds a Quiz Night every Tuesday which is only £1 to enter and you can win a £50 bar tab!
the mayflower
A great place to visit when in the capital is The Harwood Arms, this pub has won many awards for both food and drink. One of the biggest selling points for this pub is its staff, the staff here are really something they go the extra mile to make sure your stay with them is of the highest order. The food served here is really worth a try it stands alone for quality compared to other pubs in the area. This is the perfect spot to take one of your relatives/loved ones.
the harwood arms
If you’re an ale and cider lover there is only place to be in London and that is The Southampton Arms. The Southampton Arms is the only establishment in the capital that is dedicated to just ale and cider that is brewed in small independent local breweries. This is the perfect spot for an ale lover to enjoy a relaxed ale after a hard week at work. This establishment is the perfect spot to be accompanied again by family or your wife if you have one.

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the southampton arms

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